Entrepreneurs and blog owners are always on the look out for new ways to build email lists, or get more users to read their content. One of those ways this can be achieved by a service called Solo Ads. One of those service providers is called 10DollarSoloAds, so here it is the 10DollarSoloAd review. 

Hold up, what are Solo Ads?

According to Udimi one of the other biggest Solo Ad marketplaces (more on them in a different post). Solo ads are essential individual adverts, that are sent to lists of users who have signed up to receive email alerts from other websites or users. 

Each email sent usually contains a sales pitch to entice users to visit a web page. On that web-page will either be something to get the user to exchange their email for a download, or their will be a squeeze page designed to sell a particular product too them. 

Most of the time marketers will give away a free e-book, training webinar or similar in exchange for an email, as it's much easier too try and sell a product further down the road with a warmer lead than it is with a person who just received your email out of the blue. 

What does 10DollarSoloAds offer?

So, much like other players in this game, 10DSA (I can't keep writing their name out..) provides you with the ability to send your solo ads to a list of users, for a certain price. 

Unlike marketplaces such as the aforementioned Udimi, 10DSA do not give you the option to choose who your list administrator is, they pretty much own all the lists and subscribers, and act as 1 large email list.  

This does mean that you pay 1 price for your campaign, rather than wading through hundreds of different sellers who each offer different price per clicks/targeting/list niche types or countries that the lists are built from.  I will go into price a little lower down, but essentially you can choose 1 of 3 separate cost types. 

Moving on, 10DollarSoloAds do also provide you with the ability to track and monitor all the clicks and open rates for your campaigns.  This type of metric is essential for ensuring that the niches that you have targeted react as you believe they would. 

For example, running a campaign that targets 1000 subscribers interested in Losing Weight, with an offer of 'Free e-book on getting Hench' will probably end up with a very low click through rate in your data, maybe only getting 5%.

But offering them something such as a 'Red Tea Detox' may end up with a higher click through rate such as 25 or 30%.

You could then retry the same niche but this time provide a different offer, such as sending them information about a new revolutionary 'Lean Belly Breakthrough' might result in a 70% click through rate.

 It's all about reading the data and understanding the numbers!

The best part about 10DollarSoloAds is that they actually provide you with a professional ad writing service.

This is awesome for newbies who don't necessarily have the skills or the knowledge on writing good advertisement copy within emails.

As part of the campaign, the guys and gals will review any copy that you have written yourself and then either provide subtle changes that they feel will increase engagement, or provide you with their own version of the ad copy.

This feature is not always available on other market places or can come as an extra cost.

How easy it is too use?

  • 1
    Send your own ad copy, or get a professional to write/tweak one. 
  • 2
    Choose the niche to target
  • 3
    Choose a date / schedule time

Honestly? It took about 3 clicks for me to get started. 

Your first step is to set up some ad copy, if you have any. You can then send this ad copy to the support guys who will read through it and see if they think it will work. 

If you don't have any, then you send a short message with the offer, what your website is about and what you are trying to achieve. 

Once you have done one of the above two steps, you then choose the target niche (up to 3). Then you schedule when you want the solo ad to start. 

That's it.

Ok, what does it cost?

Good question, it all comes down to the money!

Looking at their pricing page, 10DollarSoloAds live up to their name. 

The basic campaign, offers you 1 advert per month sent to 1000 potential leads. This works out at $10 for the month and includes targeting, ad writing and full click and open rate reporting. 

The second tier ups the number of adverts sent, and increase the total number of leads that will be emailed. You will get 4 adverts sent, too a total of 6,000 leads. This option is still $10 per ad, and works out to be $40 for the month. 

The final option that you can choose, doubles the total number of subscribers who may or may not open your campaign to 3,000 per week or 12,000 in total. 

If you compare this pricing to a fairly decent Solo Ad seller on a market place, you usually pay around 35c-60c per click (guarantee to open your email), with 10DollarSoloAds you only pay 10c per lead (note the different between lead and click). 

With 10DollarSoloAds you are paying for the fact an email is being sent, there is no guarantee that your email will be open, unlike other marketplaces where they send your email until X numbers of users have opened the email. 

But still, it is a lot cheaper, but you are not comparing apples with apples. 

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

For those who are new around here (that's about 80% of you) I like to do a little round up with a quick TLDR list for people who can't be bothered to read through the rest of my jibberish! 

The Good - Pros

  • 1
    Ability to use a professional copy writer to edit or provide you with ad copy
  • 2
    You can choose a number of niches to start your targeting Solo ad campaign
  • 3
    Useful data and reports allow you to see how effective your click-through rates are and if your niche selection is on point
  • 4
    Cost per email for a targeted list is only 0.10c - That's pretty cheap

The Bad - Cons

  • 1
    If the traffic is ok, you have no guarantee you will get a similar result next time. 
  • 2
    A market place allows you to choose your favourite list admins, this does not 
  • 3
    You are not paying for guaranteed clicks, you are paying for emails being sent
  • 4
    0.10c an email is actually quite high, if you consider similar offerings or lists available for sale.  
  • 5
    After running a number of campaigns, the overall signups where quite low and the traffic medioce. 

The Ugly

  • 1
    The reports, they are a little clunky

Final Verdict

If you are a newby or beginner to affiliate marketing, and you are just dipping your toes in the solo ads water, it's definitely worth giving this a shot. 

It's an inexpensive way of testing your ad copy and your email funnel, with the added bonus of someone casting an eye over it. 

If you are more experience, and want to get better results, then I would stick to Udimi instead.

Get $5 Free Credit

10DollarSoloAds are OK, but the traffic is low. 

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Ease of use




Traffic Quality



  • Its Cheap
  • They Provide Ad Copy
  • They Will Check Funnels
  • Easy To Set Up And Use


  • You Cant See Quality Of Traffic
  • Paying Emails Sent, Not Clicks
  • Low Quality Traffic

James started The Online Student as a typical blog telling people about his struggles and woes with DropShipping, Amazon FBA and even Affiliate marketing. He then decided that blogging about it all would give people the skills, knowledge and apps to get up and running (while making a little extra on the side). After a few months he realised it was quite lucrative and decided to work his ass off making it a bit more than just a hobby!

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