So, we all need a helping hand when it comes to starting in the world of online money making, so I have compiled a little list of sites, tools and themes that will help you on your merry way.

The stuff that I have recommended below are things that I have used in the past, or currently use now, from hosting all the way too tools that just provide a bit of help.

For courses that I recommend, check out the reviews list, or have a search in the courses section.

For themes, have a look at the review section or the Themes and Plugins section - Note I will post a link below to a great site where you can grab themes, but I will go into more detail on specific themes and plugins if I have found them really useful.


 funnel builder - clickfunnels

 One of the best known 'Funnel Builder' services out there, made hugely popular by their viral adverts. ClickFunnels has everything you would need to get started in your funnel world. From ecom, webinar and product launch funnels, to email services and even payment gateways. With prices ranging from $97 - 297pm there is plenty to meet everyone's budget. 

 Funnel Builder - builderall

A new contender on the block, Builderall is quickly becoming a contender for top dog. Starting at just $9.99 a month, it's great for those just starting out and don't want to pay full whack for ClickFunnels. Allowing you to build funnels, websites and even mobile apps, it really is cracking software and something I am currently exploring! It still has things to iron out, but definitely recommended! 

page builder - thrive architecture 

For those who prefer keeping everything under one roof and like to build their funnels or sites using WordPress. Give ThriveArtchitect a look! A very versatile bit of kit(I use it to run this entire blog, minus a few funnels on ClickFunnels or BuilderAll). You can build beautiful looking websites, or single page sites with ease. 

Hosting & Domains

 Domain Names - 123 Reg

 All in all their costs for URLS/Domains are comparative to any of the other major sites and their support team are friendly. They do also do some great offers on domains from time to time such as 1 year for £1.99 or similar!

 Domain Names - NameCHEAP

 Another great place to find yourself domain names. NameCheap is one of the most popular sites due to it's cheap domain prices (including follow up pricing a year or two later). I have recently started to purchase a few domains from them due to some cracking deals.


 When I first started out, I needed cheap, but effective domain hosting.

As such, I went for BlueHost, mainly because I had seen so many good reviews about their packages and their up time. They offer packages starting from £2.95  / $3.95 per month - Which is really cheap. 


 If you are looking for an 'all in one' platform to host your WordPress blog, and are willing to spend a little more, then having a dedicated IP address and a bit more server hosting might be the one for you. 

Prices start from $29 a month. You can read a full How To Guide Here



 They offer premium themes for WordPress from as little as $13, which is a bargain if you can find a theme that suits your needs. 

They also provide themes for eCommerce sites such as WooCommerce, BigCart and even Shopify . So they really do offer a huge variety of themes for you to choose from.


So, if you haven't read my review of Ecom Turbo, do so here.  This theme is great for e-commerce sites that you are running on Shopify.

The theme offers multiple inbuilt plugins such as countdown timers, social proof displays and the number of visitors plugins, saving you a ton of money each month (all those alone used to cost me $40 - $90 p/month depending on what I was building). 

Mailing List Builders & AutoResponders


 I recently moved over too GetResponse - I needed a more robust logic builder (for building long email sequences and GetResponse stood out)

So you can easily make awesome looking emails for your customers!

You also get a 30day free trial!

Tax & Payment Gateways 

Tax Time - TaxJar

We all have to do them, and you may as well make as easy as possible. As such, I quickly found that TaxJar (read the review) was going to be the most useful one for me. 

TaxJar has a great plugin for Shopify stores so if you are starting out with Shopify (either Drop Shipping or selling online) then I highly recommend this one! They also do plugins via Stripe, Woocommerce & Amazon - So win win! It starts at $19 a month, but considering my first ever fine for miscalculating my tax was £300 - I think to get it right the first time is worth it...