How To Make Money Online Without A Website

Now firstly, I would like to point out it IS entirely possible to earn good money through other sources or methods, having a website (doesn’t have to be a blog..more on that in a bit) does allow you to;

  • Build your own brand - People are more likely to purchase through your links if you have a reputable brand or something they can relate to
  • Get stats about readers, visitors or buyers allowing you to tailor your content to those people
  • Collect emails or leads, and re-market to them
  • Re-market to them!
  • Increase with SEO and stay there (other methods either don’t show up for money keywords..or get lost quickly)

Anyway, enough about that, let’s get you a few ways to make money without needing a website or blog!


Can you tell it’s 2018 yet?

Instagram is still a huge deal these days, and many of the big accounts do not have a website, blog or landing page to their name.

Have a look at a number of popular travel accounts, many of them will have links to travel websites, or apps, as they hope that you will click through to the links if the accounts become hugely popular, and they do!

A popular fitness meme account is actually owned by a Personal Trainer, and they constantly promote his services via their stories and posts!

YouTube & Videos

If you read back up about needing to build a brand, then it is possible to do that via YouTube!

Many popular YouTubers within the fitness industry or even the make money online industry, do not have websites.

Instead, they review products (such as supplements) or courses and then provide links in the video details pages.

These links are usually affiliate links for hosting, Amazon, supplement stores or a multitude of other places.

One issue with this method is that trying to rank within Google for keywords is more difficult.

A website with a 3,000 review will easily outrank your YouTube video, so instead, you need to focus on building up your ranking in YouTube and building a following.

This method may require a bit of advertisement or even some partnerships!

PPC / Adwords / Ad Exchanges

Quite a risky one this as many of the big advertisers HATE straight up affiliate links and prefer having what is known as a bridge page between (basically a page used to warm a lead up before giving them the affiliate link).

But it can be done.

There are hundreds of millions of billions of websites out there, and a huge number of advert exchanges or marketplaces who do allow for straight up linking to affiliate offers.

You may want to brush up on your advert skills or look at places such as Fiverr or Konker to provide you with those illustration skills.

If you are going to go down this route, then I would suggest checking out some course such as PPCAdcemy or even the Lurn Academy.

Funnels or Lead Pages

A popular one these days, and it allows you to essentially ‘have a website, without owning a website’…in a weird way.

Products such as ClickFunnels allow you to build nice looking funnels, without the need to own a website.

That means you can build landing pages or bridge pages that help warm up leads or potential customers that have come from your other sources.

For example, if I wanted to sell a really popular training guide, I could build a one or two-page funnel, that shows potential customers all the cool things about that course, it could have videos, testimonials and general pre-sell goodies.

You can then add your links through that landing page, straight to the affiliate offer checkout pages (you essentially become the sales guy/girl).

The good thing about ClickFunnels is that they have templates and funnels built for that kind of offer! I’d give this 4 day training a watch and see how easy it is!

You can also watch them build funnels every Friday, and they have a huge back catalogue of these funnels designed to help all kinds of different scenarios. That means you can get free, professional built funnels, without putting in much effort! Check out Funnel Fridays for more info.

These funnels are hosted by ClickFunnels, so you don’t need your own website to do it. It is usually a good idea to buy a domain name, but they can be easily purchased for a few $ from sites like 123Reg or NameCheap and it does increase the overall trust of your funnel/bridge page (nothing worse than seeing

Email Marketing / Email Blasting

This type of promotion sits quite a bit with the PPC / Ad Exchange.

It can be very hit and miss, and two email blasts are never the same. But, again it can work.

A number of email blast providers or solo ad providers as they are called, such as Udimi (one of the most well known Solo ad marketplaces) allow you to craft an email, that MAY contain your affiliate links and send them to huge lists of potential buyers.

Now this method really works much better if you have a hook, or something to get people to want to open emails, think free videos, free training, free eBooks, and in exchange, they provide you with an email (you can use this method with the ClickFunnels stuff mentioned earlier) and then once they give you their email, you then direct them towards your affiliate offer!

Many solo ad providers don’t allow direct linking to affiliate offers as it increases complaint rates and can reduce the number of emails actually getting to their lists, so I would recommend either finding a company that allows it, or build that bridge page, get your own list and send people towards that.

And that’s it, a brief guide on how to make money from affiliate marketing without the need for a blog (or website)

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