Salehoo Review

Salehoo Review - Does Salehoo Really Help You Succeed?

It's now time for Salehoo Review V2!

One of the greatest difficulties I have found while following my journey through e-commerce, was, trying to find reliable wholesalers or suppliers. 

I would spend hours (Sometimes days to be fair. ) trawling through sites such as Alibaba or AliExpress.

When I moved towards DropShipping,  I had to find more consistent suppliers, rather than relying on eBay sellers who where flogging their stuff off. 

One of the main aches for eCommerce entrepreneurs who  DropShip or sell on Amazon and eBay is trying to find that wholesaler or supplier who isn't going to dupe you out of your inventory or provide you with scam products! 

So, in this Salehoo review, we will look to see if Salehoo can actually deliver on these promises of finding good, reliable suppliers, or if they are a pointless wholesale list provider that gives no value.

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For Starters What Is Salehoo?

When Salehoo first launched back in 2005, they where primarily focused on providing it's customers with a list of wholesalers, growing this list in 2018 to 2.5million products and 8,000+ manufacturers, dropshippers, liquidators and wholesalers. 

Salehoo 2018 is a lot different, along with a wholesale directory, they now also provide their customers with additonal tools and training that has made it stand out from the crowd, and has easily made it one of the must have apps to help with DropShipping or ecommerce. 

They also recently introduced a hot trends research lab, which helps members find up and coming products that have started to gain traction and they also have a thriving forum community, which was boasting over 101,000 members (which is pretty sweet!)

Salehoo Suppliers - Salehoo Review

Find your perfect Supplier

How Does Salehoo Work?

Salehoo is an ever growing platform full of a number of different tools, supplier lists and training aimed at helping you succeed within the world of ecommerce. 

Salehoo is split up into;

  • The Supplier List
  • The Lab
  • Salehoo Stores
  • The Forum
  • Salehoo Training

The Supplier List

One of the big frustrations when it comes to sourcing products, either DropShip or e-commerce is getting that reputable supplier.

Either finding one that provides you with decent products, or one that doesn't try to rip you off and not send you the ordered product (yes, that has happened to me). For me, the supplier list provided exactly what I needed for more than one of the sidelines.

Salehoo for DropShippers (Buying goods to be drop shipped)

For those not familiar with the concept of DropShipping, if you want to sell a product, for example or eBay or even via WordPress, you list an item for sale, at $10. Once the item has been sold, you login to Salehoo, find the supplier you where going to use and purchase the item from them. The supplier will then charge you $2.50 and ship it straight to your customer. After eBay fees, or other fees you say make $5. 

The supplier list can be used by users who run DropShipping stores, finding you companies who are willing to ship products straight to your customer, from China, the USA and Europe. 

One of the problems faced by DropShippers is the long wait times from China. This is because customers live in the world of next day delivery, so even if the price is 30 - 70% cheaper, they still expect it fast. So Salehoo actually giving you the details of companies in the US or Europe who can ship products straight away, is a huge bonus. 

Their pricing can little higher, around 5 - 10% than their counterparts in China, but I could get items sent to customers in a matter of days, maybe a week at most. Again, a huge bonus when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

I could have probably spent a few hours Googling or hitting up wholesale and DropShipping forums, but that would have only given me supplier names, it wouldn't have given me products, pricing and locations or even the guarantee.

Salehoo-Review-Salehoo Products

Salehoo Products

Salehoo for eBay, Amazon or local selling pages (Buying products in bulk)

The other side of the supplier list is for those who run eBay stores, Amazon stores or even local selling pages and brick and mortar stores. 

Salehoo provides you with suppliers who run wholesale,liquidation and manufacturers directly. 

Because the list does contain liquidation firms, it can be great for finding small or unique products for sale.You may get a set of 40 chairs one week, and then two weeks later 190 lamps.

This second half to the Suppliers List can be great for those running an Amazon FBA store or even general eBay store and have access to a warehouse or somewhere to store the items. You can usually get a much better price than the DropShipping counter parts, but you run the risk of having to store products that may not be best sellers. 

Again as with the DropShipping suppliers, it can save both time and money by getting access too companies who may constantly sell a certain type of product at a cheaper price. For example they may sell desk chairs, and can provide you with wholesale or discounted prices, for as long as they have access themselves. 

No Fakes, Full Guarantee 

The other beauty about using the Salehoo Directory, is that they provide with with the contact details to suppliers and liquidators who hold real brand stock. 

Not knockoff fakes or poor quality imitations, the real deal. 

This is great for those who like to run general stores, or run limited time offer stores, whereby your customers can get a great deal, for a limited time. 

If you tried to do the same with unbranded, or even fake products you would start to face all kinds of trouble, including possible takedowns from legitmate brands who don't want knock offs or fakes being sold online. 

The second part to this, is that Salehoo offer a guarantee, ensuring that they have vetted and checked suppliers and products, so if you face issues or find fake products, you can contact Salehoo who will then help you to resolve the issue.

For me, that is worth its weight in gold, let alone the $67 a year fee. 

Contact & Negotiate Pricing

Once you have found a product(s) that you believe is going to be great for your store, you can use Salehoo to contact them. 

Salehoo will provide you with templates to help you contact these suppliers, as well as giving you multiple suppliers per product.

Having the multiple suppliers means you can find the best one for your needs.

Try Salehoo For $1

Have you already made your mind up and just want to try it for yourself? Well give this $1 7 day trial to See if its for you!

The Research Lab

For me, the Research Lab was quite a new feature, and I hadn't seen it for a while and is really useful for gathering evidence or data on what products are emerging or are popular.

If you are new to ecommerce or even if you are trying to find 'hot products' then the Salehoo Research Labs is something you need to get on board with. 

The Salehoo guys  track trends, number of sales, changes in pricing and also profitability on a huge numbef of items  on eBay and more recently Amazon.

They then provide it in an easy to read format, allowing you to make informed decisions on the items.

It's a great addition to the main list of suppliers and products that you are given.

You can use the data and information found on Salehoo Lab with the Salehoo Directory to find the products you have discovered using Salehoo Lab. 

The Forum & Support

This part again is more of an additional extra, an 'nice to have' part of Salehoo. The online forum, much like other forums, except this, is actually active.

I recently went on a wholesale forum that I used to use around 3 - 4 years ago, it was huge, one of the biggest with thousands of active users, these days? Dead. Completely.

Salehoo actually has an active community built around the products that they offer, as such it's always got new faces appearing and old usernames sticking around offering a helping hand.

If you have a question and you don't fancy speaking to one of Salehoo's 24hr support staff, drop a question in the forum, you will get a flood of answers and some probably some help extra tips!

I can't really fault the Salehoo support staff either, I have only needed to speak too them on a few occasions over the last few years, and they have always been polite and quick to reply. 

Some customers have spoken about lengthy or useless replies, but I feel that's the same with any company these days, you do sometimes just get a bad day! 

Salehoo Stores

The latest edition to Salehoo's arsenal, is the new Salehoo Stores feature. 

This is Salehoo's own way of trying to fight the big boys such as Shopify, Woocommerce or BigCommerce. 

The Salehoo stores currently come in 15 different flavours, and require zero coding or technical skills, which can be a relief for a lot of online store owners. Especially those who don't have the time or the skills to do this. 

Each store comes with it's own professional logo, and an adwords voucher, as well as being Search Engine optimized to get you off to a flying start. 

They can also be set up in just a few minutes and if you are currently an eBay turbo lister, than you can actually import the eBay listings. 

At the moment, the stores are currently lacking the many tools and features that other platforms offer.

I'd stick to the core features of Salehoo for now!

Salehoo Training

And finally, the Salehoo resource section. 

This is more of a bonus, rather than a core feature of Salehoo, but it's still quite nice. 

This ever growing library of training manuals, eBooks and guides can really provide some much needed brain food for those who want to take their online selling too the next level. 

Salehoo Review - Training And Resources

Training And Resources

One of their most popular books is their free eBook on selling on eBay (I would recommend giving it a read)

They also provide you with a really useful webinar that I would recommend checking out - Watch it here

So Is Salehoo Actually Good? 

With over 2.5million products and 8,000 suppliers, I would definitely say using Salehoo is worth it if you are really serious about finding high quality and valuable products. 

With all the data and information that they provide, as well as access to all those suppliers, you would be pretty unlucky not to find a great product to add to your store. 

How To Make Money With Salehoo

As with anything online, it's all about how much effort you put into something, and this is no different. 

With the popularity of DropShipping or running eCommerce storse these days, it can sometimes feel that every product, supplier or hot trend has been found and stolen, but this is not always the case. 

Using a tool such as Salehoo can provide you with a much needed advantage over your competitors. 

By using their supplier list, or their trending tools, you can start to find products and suppliers, without having to do what every other Tom, Dick and Harry is doing (i.e crawling through AliExpress or Alibaba). 

To give you an idea on the types of margins, or even the kind of money you could make with Salehoo check out the image below, that provides you with a few examples of products that they currently list. 

Salehoo Products -Salehoo Review

An example of Salehoo products

 For those who want a more in-depth look at how to make money with Salehoo, I would recommend checking out this article

Are There Any Salehoo Alternatives?

Yes, there are a number of Salehoo Alternatives on the market today, offering similar services. 

One of the most popular is one called WorldWide Brands, and has quite a cult following these days, due to just how long it's been around. 

Another, is a company called Doba, who again offer a wholesale directory listing service, but for a monthly price. 

For these, I would suggest reading the full comparison. Salehoo vs WorldWide Brands Vs Doba - The true Mexican standoff! 

How Much Does Salehoo Cost?

You can get access too their directory on a 7 day trial for just $1. 

After that initial $1 trial, it costs $67 per year. When compared to other wholesale list providers or competitors, this is massively cheap. 

Some of these other services nearly cost $67 a month!

With all the information that you get access too, including the tools, up and coming products, trends and even the training, it's worth more than the $67 they charge for this service. 

You can also get a 60-day money back guarantee, that means if you try it for 2 months and don't get on with it, they will refund you your payment. That means they are that confident you will love Salehoo they are willing to wait 2 months to prove it. 

Try Salehoo For $1

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Is Salehoo Worth It?

The simple answer is Yes, if you are in the market for finding new products or want to find higher quality ones. 

Salehoo is great for those who might be starting out in the world of DropShipping or eCommerce, or for those who want to find new lines or products, without having to go down more traditional routes. 

If you fall into one of these categories, then I would consider looking into Salehoo;

  • You are new too the scene and want to find your first product to sell online
  • You are not accustomed to finding suppliers or products and do not know where to find them
    • It's worth noting, you will need to have a level of knowledge on how to do market research and product research to get the full experience from Salehoo
  • You are finding it difficult to find a new item to sell, and may be struggling to find a 'best seller'
  • You want to get into DropShipping without the hassle of being scammed or getting low quality products
  • You want to buy genuine products from genuine suppliers

Now that DropShipping has become the number one fun thing to try and do in 2017 & 2018 many of the markets are becoming a bit saturated, or flooded with poor quality or fake items. Salehoo reduces and at points eliminates this risk by offering you new trending products, vetted suppliers and genuine products for you to sell. 

If you are someone who falls into the below categories, then Salehoo may just not be for you;

  • You have a successful business with contacts and suppliers already
  • You want to sell more niche products, that only specialist sellers may stock
  • You are not comfortable doing market research
  • You are not comfortable running an eCommerce store 

If you are someone who already has contacts in China, or have already gone through the process of setting up a wholesale business, then something like Salehoo may not be for you, though for such a low price a year, it could always open up new opportunities and relationships. With a 60 day money back guarantee, it may be worth exploring to see if Salehoo can expand or help your business. 

What Do Other People Think Of Salehoo

It's always important to see what current customers think about Salehoo, as it gives you a great impression of the level of service. 

Having a look at TrustPilot its fairly plain to see that a lot of people love using Salehoo. 

With over 200 reviews and the average user classing them as excellent, I think that's pretty good proof that these guys are the real deal. 

Quick Recap

Ok, so I this is pretty much the end of the review.

The Good (Salehoo Pros)

  • A nicely laid out and easy to read directory with an ever growing list of products, currently topping out at over 1.6million. 
    • Products have also been verified to ensure they are not fake, or of a low quality!
  • 8000+ suppliers, that's a lot of suppliers and they are not all put into one little box or area of interest
    • Each of these suppliers have been vetted and had verification checks
  • The Hot Product Lab is great and is getting better and better as time goes on
  • Salehoo have started to really increase their number of resources and guides to better support their customers
  • Active and helpful community and forum & a helpful and friendly support team
  • One of the cheaper on the market for this type of service
  • You can find suppliers in your own back yard!

The Bad (Salehoo Cons)

  • They only use eBay data to show trending or hot products and these days Amazon is the place to be to try and get trending or hot product data
  • You can find products cheaper elsewhere, especially if you find Europe or US specific suppliers
  • You could spend the time finding these suppliers via Google, or even searching on Tabo, AliExpress, Alibaba or a few other sites 
    • Though you still run the risk of being scammed or getting lower quality products.

Anything else?

One question that gets asked a lot when it comes to selling online, or even just when it comes to finding helpful apps, is how to really get the best from Salehoo. 

If you are already a professional seller, and just want to use Salehoo too find new products or suppliers, then these tips can pretty much be ignored!

Extra Information

salehoo review

Is There Any Salehoo Discounts?

If you are after a Salehoo discount or a Salehoo coupon, the only one I can find is the Salehoo Free Trial, which gives you 7 days of Salehoo for $1.

Worth a shout if you are unsure if Salehoo is for you!

Try Salehoo for just $1





Ease of use




Product Avaiable





  • Easy to use online tools
  • 8000 Verified Suppliers & 1m+ Products
  • Hot / Trending Product Tool
  • Active and useful forum
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Only uses eBay data for hot products

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