The Thrive Architect Review

For this particular Thrive Themes review, we will be focusing on just one of their products, Thrive Architect, I will review and look at their other individual products, as well as their membership package in separate reviews. 

So lets get on with this particular review!

Thrive Architect - What is it? 

As I said above, Thrive Architect is one of the eleven different products that Thrive Themes offer.  Thrive Architect itself is a combination of a WYSIWYG page builder and an email leads builder.

Thrive Architect is designed to work with the WordPress platform, installed as a plugin and works alongside any theme that you have installed on your site, or even one of the ten Thrive Themes that come with the Thrive Themes Membership. 

How does it work?

Once installed, Thrive Architect transforms your blog or website into a Drag & Drop builder. Once you select either the page or post that you want to create, you simply select the edit with Thrive Architect option, and you are good to go. 

Once you are there, you are shown a simple and easy to use navigation panel. Complete with pre build buttons, call to actions, lead generation templates and so much more. 

Every element can be dragged over and simply slotted into place. 

Every section that you can play around with, also comes with its own set of parameters and options. You can select individual front sizes,  pre designed button styles, pre built lead generation templates (including the layout and a step by step wizard on adding your own email list.

The sheer amount of customisation here is brilliant. It requires zero coding, you can change the size of images instantly, or create professional looking pages within short frames of time. 

Another useful addition, is that of the pre-built sales pages or lead capture pages. 

To get these, all you need to do is open a standard wordpress page and then select the icon with the gear and a page. From here you get the option of choosing a landing page. 

I believe there is over 150 different landing pages that you can choose from and then edit as you wish. For an example of one, and a free e-book, check out this page below. 

How easy is it to use?

So, I originally installed a different plugin called 'X' by a company called ThemeCo and I became frustrated within about 15minutes of using it. 

The UI was horrendous, you had to save every page, it wouldn't open up text editors when you expected them too (i.e after you add an element called Text Box...) and I got so annoyed I sent the creators a huge long email including links to this product, because it was by far superior. 

When I started to create this Thrive Theme review, I kept thinking back to how long it was taking me to create pages use the other product. Jeeez.

Thrive Themes Architect is super easy to use, you can build really nice, smart, clean looking pages within minutes. 

If you decide you don't like sections or layouts, you can just drag and drop it too a different part. I even moved this paragraph box a few times because I wasn't sure on the images! 

One of the best parts about Thrive Themes Architect, is that you can remove quite a few extra plugins, just look at the few examples they give you below! I actually had plugins for attaching videos, buttons, changing the layout and a few more, now I have one and that's Thrive Architect.

What else does it offer?

As part of the package, you get what I like to called Thrive Themes Lead 'Lite'. Essentially they give you a few elements to capture leads easily, as well as having an easy way of capturing them via the landing pages. 

These quick and easy to add sections means you can grab potential leads and customers emails, names, phone numbers etc with ease. It took 2 clicks for me to set up the one above and it looks clean and professional.  

As well as the addition of the 'Leads Lite', Theme Architect also works alongside any theme you run on WordPress. That means if you suddenly change themes halfway through, the content you have already placed on pages doesn't get lost, or become all odd looking. It just stays as it is within the Themes styling. That's a life safer for people like me, who try to change their blog themes at least every 5 days....

It looks cool and is easy to use... What's it gonna cost me?

As with all good things, there is usually a cost associated with it. 

Thrive Themes Architect will set you back $67 for 1 licence, which in my humble opinion, is a steal. I actually recently upgraded my own licence to allow me to add it to 4 other websites, because I was that impressed. The price for 5 is only $97, so you have instantly saves yourself a small bundle, especially if you run 2 or 3 different blogs (as many people do!)

Final thoughts?

I genuinely love Thrive Theme Architect. I find it an easy to use, simple, clean and professional looking Drag & Drop builder that makes creating well laid out pages a complete doddle. 

Now that I have used it for a few months, I am actually going to be upgrading to the full Thrive Themes Membership, which gives you access to all of their tools and products for just $19 a month.

This will allow me to take my blogs to the next level!

Thrive Theme Architect




Ease of use




Support & Reliability



  • Easy to use
  • Drag & Drop
  • Pre-built landing pages
  • Easy to set up lead generation
  • Works with any theme


  • Single licence is expensive
  • Lead generation is a lite version

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  1. Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together.

  2. Hi

    I have been reading your blog for months now, and I have finally decided to let you know, you rock!

    You have kept dropping knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb and no one has said thankyou!

    Yours sincerely

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