What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Being a part of an affiliate network is an great strategy for bloggers who want to increase their current income or want to begin making money from their new blogs.

Affiliate marketing comes with several options as well as strategies to make the affiliate marketing work for you.

This article will teach you what affiliate marketing entails, give examples of affiliate marketing, affiliates strategies and top affiliate networks you can join. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing All About?

Affiliate marketing involves a marketing arrangement whereby an online retailer pays commission to an external traffic or sales that gets generated from its referrals. It is one of the popular ways that individuals make money online.

In affiliate marketing,you partner with a business to make a commission by referring visitors or readers to a business particular service or products. 

Take this blog as an example. If you search around this blog, you will find links, possibly a banner or two and most definitely a few reviews for products that I have used. These links, images or banner are usually tied to an affiliate link, that I have joined to help promote or share the product or service.

Affiliate marketing can be 

Some of the Websites that Use Affiliate Marketing

It is always a good idea to see some of the success stories that come with affiliate marketing to understand better the concept around “affiliate marketing”. The article highlights real examples of websites that make thousands of dollars per day and also monthly through affiliate marketing.


This is a popular product review site where a different type of products gets reviewed and get compiled into a comparison table and top 10 lists.  The site is funded mainly by the Amazon associates. The site has comprehensive contents that give a User advice on the products that are worth the money.


Many bloggers have published most of the traditional collections of their writings which gives them a chance for several affiliate marketing opportunities using any of their online pieces. The affiliate links to the online retailer get included as part of the author's blog post or articles.

How an affiliate marketer makes money

An affiliate marketer is paid on commission from the firm that they are an affiliate of. The links, banners or button of the products that are being marketed contain the unique user ID which when the HTML code gets embedded into the blog makes the adverts appear.

When a user clicks the link/ ad/image and picks to purchase the products, the firm gets alerted that you are the affiliate that led the customer to buy the product. In such a situation, you receive a commission from the firm for being accountable in driving new customers and traffic to their website.

Courses that can be taken for affiliate marketing

You can enrol in an online course and be able to learn more about affiliate marketing. The course mainly entail how to get started in affiliate marketing even if you have No experience.

If you are interested in learning about affiliate market you may decide to enrol in some course from known online sites like “ClickBank Universitywhich offers the best training programs on the internet. Their program is packed with step-by-step videos, incredible tools, and interviews with experts and fantastic support which ensures that an affiliate sees amazing results in their promotions.

Moreover, you can visit Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett, to get access to a course on affiliate marketing. The course will get you up to speed with affiliate marketing.  It is a comprehensive step-by-step education that will make you become an affiliate marketing expert.

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