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What can I learn about?

We cover a vareity of tops on this blog check below to see what you can read about!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of those terms that makes people shudder and groan. Everyone has seen those ads promising millions, well The Online Student will explain how to really go about Affiliate Marketing and how you can start earning by reviewing products or providing useful information!


One of the most popular methods these days to make money online is DropShipping. Learn more about it and the different apps and themes you can use to get started! From creating Shopify stores to creating WordPress websites with AliDropShip

eBay & Amazon

Learn about how to make money online using two of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the planet! Start by learning about eBay and how to get better at selling or read up on Amazon and how to become a private label Amazon seller!


You can learn the secrets to getting traffic to your blogs, or how to set up a blog in 15 minutes, it's so quick and easy! You can also read up on how to use Amazon Affiliates to monetise your blog or use Google Adsense to make a little extra on the side.

I want to start earning money online!

Here are 12 ways to make money while at Uni!

Why should I care?

Reading through this site can offer you with a huge selection of skills and information that you can use elsewhere.

Make some extra cash

Find a variety of different ways to earn a little extra income on the side, without selling your soul!

Learn something new

You may not go onto use the skills you will learn here to make a little extra on the side, but you can put those skills to use elsewhere!

Create your own blog

Creating a blog can be a great way of writing about something you are passionate about or love, and can help you earn a little extra for it.

Becoming an online entreprenuer

Becoming an online entrepreneur is not difficult if you have the time and the passion to put your mind to it! Click the More Information above to see 12 easy ways to make money while at Uni.

The Real Stuff

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